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These winemaking pages have been in existance for longer than most on the internet. First started in about 1995, they have been added and changed as my opinions on winemaking and homebrew have changed over the years. I'm delighted to offer a range of home winemaking and homebrew articles and recipes, some of which reflect current thinking, and some older. I try to add to these winemaking pages on a regular basis. If you can't find the answer to your own particular homebrew problems, I will be delighted to hear from you. Tom.

If its not moving, fermet it

Special Feature: The great wine making rip-off - Save money on wine making chemicals with this free advice. Don't ever pay £1.99 for a tiny tub of campden tablets.

Special Feature: The beginners guide to wine making. Quick results with basic kit and simple method and cheap supplies - you'll be making wine at home in no time.

My latest homemade homebrew wine recipes

Top Tips - homebrew wine making tips

Life and wine making - confessions of a lapsed winemaker

Southampton is rife with people drooling over their bubbling buckets of wine. The list of wine making converts grows steadily by the evil pressgang forces of Tom and Alec.

Join the fun and make a name in the art of wine making.

This site has been set up for preaching our particular philosophy concerning the ancient art of wine making. It is aimed generally at students or other similarly poor people, despite the bias towards Southampton, our ideas are applicable anywhere on the planet where people making wine.

In my recent experiments in wine making, I've explored a lot of the more techical side such as measuring acid and sulfite and acid, and trying to use a bit of advanced wine making lore to produce more consistant results.

Special Feature: Our highly popular glossary of wine making terms.

Our highly popular glossary of wine making terms.

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Our thoughts and ideas divide up as follows.

  • Philosophy. A little idealogical introduction to the art of making wine at home.
  • Equipment. All the paraphernalia you will need. Avoid expensive kit an equipment.
  • Ingredients. A selection of ideas for what you can make wine out of. You'd be amazed where you can find a supply of ingredients.
  • Method. The actions and rituals whereby wine is produced. Our own technique and method for making wine.
  • Wine Tasting. A few pointers on tasting wine.

The latest greatest section - The Art of Sake. Making Sake at home

If the jargon gets too much for you, we give you :

to add colour to your confusion.

While we may claim to be the definitive guide to down-to-earth wine making, we are by no means the only approach that exists. Much has been written on the subject, both physically and virtually. Thus we provide a kind of bibliography.

Historical Note: These pages were written in the mid 1990s when I was a student and hardly anybody wrote web pages. The internet was a very different place in those days. The original site had some, urm, exciting colour schemes. The site has sat collecting dust on a friends webspace for many years. I personally stopped homebrew winemaking years ago.. no time you see. However, I was still getting the occasional email referencing these pages, and the site was still getting a reasonable number of hits per day. Recently I have decided to dust it off, spruce it up a bit and generally make it something that won't cause eye damage to read. A lot of the content is the untouched original - it has stood the test of time, and it would be sacrilegious to change it after all these years. So - here it is, warts and all. Happy fermenting

Written and maintained by Tom How. Alec Harkness co-wrote the original site in the mid 1990s, but I have fallen out of contact with him. If he ever wished to get in touch, try the email below.

Original content written by Tom How and Alec Harkness. This content is duplicated on his personal website. This duplication is accepted as he was co-author. Content added since about 1997 written solely by Tom How. Copyright 2011.

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