Beef stew recipe with red wine

Take some good quality braising steak chopped into 1-2 inch portions. brown it in a pan with some onions and half your mushrooms. With the heat up high, pour in red wine. Keep the heat up and reduce the whole thing to sludge.

Then pour in more red wine, and reduce again. Keep going.

Use a good strong robust red wine with plenty of tannin.

For a kilo of meat, you want to use about 2 bottles of robust red wine in the process. Once you've gone through about 4 cycles of adding wine and reducing, top the whole thing up with wine and more mushrooms, and leave to cook for a couple of hours, or until the meat is tender. Keep the lid off towards the end to reduce the sauce.

The beef ends up coated and a layer of mushroom red wine yummyness - if you keep reducing enough wine into the mix, the resulting beef gets richer and richer.