Suitable vegetables for winemaking

p>Most vegetables are fine, but some are rather unexciting, such as potato.

Below is a list of my favourites. But don't let that stop you!

  • Carrot. Tastes of carrots strangly. About 6lb. Can taste a bit like whisky.
  • Parsnip. Awesome. Get be bought for a song in december. Buy them after a frost. 5lb. Or a 10Kilo box to about 5-6 gallons.
  • Potato. Almost expected. Pretty dull, but can be livened up with the addition of anything you have in the kitchen. Garlic for example.
  • Pumpkin. Impress your friends! These are cheap around halloween. People often grow them in there back gardens..... 5-6lb.

Most vegetable wines don't come to much, with the exception of Parsnip, and this is probably best kept a bit on the sweet side. Generally speaking I'll knock up a couple of gallons of parsnip every other year, but leave it at that. I once made a large amount of carrot wine, and most of that got used up in cooking.