Suitable dried things for winemaking.

A vast selection of dried produce is avalible for winemaking. All those stange packs of dried apricots etc in the health food shop take on a whole new look.

The advantage of dried stuff is that it can be used throughout the year. For a small expense you can avoid the effort of fruit and flower picking expeditions.

Several things that are mentioned in other sections are repeated here.

Below is a list of favourites. But try anything.

  • Apricots. Can be bought everywhere. Shop around for the best price. About 2lb.
  • Apples. Harder to find.
  • Bilberry. Great if you can find them. 1lb per gallon, but you can reuse them a couple of times to get 3 differant gallons.
  • Elderberry.I make this in bulk. 1-2lb does about 4-5 gallons. Price £3 per pound.
  • Peaches. Not cheap. Damn nice all the same. 1/2 to 1lb.
  • Raisons and Sultanas. Shove half a pound of these in most wines to make them more winy. Remember they are just dried grapes!
  • Rose Petals. Incredibly cheap. Use about 1oz to a gallon. Cost 74p for 2oz.
  • Elderflower. Even nicer. Same as rose.
  • Orange blossom. As rose petal.
  • Rose hips Never tried it.
  • Sloes Try sloe and elderberry wine.

Dried ingredients allow you to make plenty of cheap wine all year round - often more consistantly than the fresh alternative!