Suitable Fruit for Winemaking

Rare is the fruit that is not condusive to being fermented.

Below is a list of those we can account for.

  • Apple. Can be bought very cheaply when in season, ie late summer. Use windfalls, eaters, crab or cookers, whatever you can get hold of. Use anywhere between 5-10lb. Nice dry or sweet.
  • Elderberry. Probably the most common red wine. A little coarse, but good for blending. 2 or 3lb is plenty, but go easy on added tanin and acid.
  • Blackberry. Another very common homebrew wine. Has the capacity to produce wine of criminal gorgeousness.
  • Grape. Considered cheating. You need tons of grapes - about 8lb a gallon. Squeeze out the juice and dilute it if you want. Ferment on red skins for more colour.
  • Orange. Squeeze the juice, use the rind. Avoid the white pith like the plague. Makes a nice dry apperitiff. About a dozen required. Doesn't need additional acid. (What? Really?)
  • Peach. This tastes lovely. Peaches are dead cheap in august. Chose the red colour ones, this will give a brilliant colour. 3lb - 4lb is plenty.
  • Pear. Tom's first wine. 5lb - 7lb.
  • Plum. Great colour. Bit of a mess to make. 4-6lb. Dont use to many or the wine tastes of bacon crisps. Dont make it to dry.
  • Rhubarb. Said to taste like Hock. The leaves are poisonas. A little acidic. Get them from an allotment. About 3-4lb.
  • Sloe. OK, but best to make sloe gin instead!
  • Bilberry. Impossible to find, but expensive bottled variety is fine.

There are many others such as sloes, grapefruit etc, you name it, you can ferment it!