Obtaining winemaking paraphernalia

The basic nuts and bolts of winemaking are very cheap, or with a bit of thought, effort and eylid-fluttering, can be got gratis.

Our specific examples of shops are, for reasons to do with the facts that we live here, and our only mode of transport to other places is the bicycle, restricted to Southampton (England)

Basic Equipment


The fundamental winemaking equipment can often be found from the most unlikely sources. Examining the list of basic equipment, it can be seen that many of these items are instantly available in the home

Most houses, even student digs, can usually boast such things as a kettle, a bucket, a large saucepan and a measuring jug, and every student house I have ever visited owned a collection of empty wine bottles. If your home does not boast even these, try and convincing your housemates that they should pay for such useful items.

Beyond this things get a bit more tricky. A length of stolen hosepipe makes an adequate siphon tube, a milk carton can be used for measuring. Use your initiative.

The other option is to try family and friends. Every family can boast an ex winemaker. These people usually take the form of Dads, Uncles or Grandfathers. Such people can become a never-ending source of demijohns, airlocks and the like. Another good place to ask is the lecturers in your department. They were students once.... The golden rule is to ask everyone.

After this one has to grit one's teeth and go visit one of the shops listed below to complete your store of vital bits and bobs.


Try the following:

Boots the Chemist Above Bar
Health & Diet Centre Shirley High Street - Just up from MacDonalds

Things to Ferment

Essentially, anything, anywhere.


A huge assortment of berries and flowers and be found on commons and other green areas. Try scrounging from anywhere.


There are two methods here

1. Think of an idea, and go and see how cheaply you can find it

2. Nose around and find a bargain.

The best place to get ingredients is either the shop in Shirley, or any good greengrocer. The best of the latter is on Burgess Road

Check the shop in Shirley fairly regularly, strange dried things keep appearing there. Greengrocers should be visited when they have a delivery van parked outside. You can often get stuff at trade price. A little advance spying is called for. Often merely walking in and announcing your mission will evoke an incredible response.

Other useful places include Supermarkets, delicatessens and Weigh-it-yourself style shops.

Of course, these days there is always the internet :)