Home made wine recipe list

I have never been a fan of exact winemaking recipes. Like cookery, the method and and quantity of ingredients you use in a winemkaing recipe should be modified and adjusted depending on the quality of the ingredients and the whim of the winemaker. Some days I might make my wine strong, and other days light.

Do not follow rigid recipes - use your creativity and follow recipes only as guidelines. You will ultimately learn more this way - explore different ideas and do not be chained by convention. Only by experimenting can you really learn what makes a great wine, and what to pour down the sink.

These aren't exactly recipes, more guidelines and discussion about the specific ingredient. I haven't constantly repeated the same methods of clearing wine, adding sulphite etc, you can work that out for yourself!

Blackberry wine - an Autumn favourite

Dandelion wine recipe - a spring delight

White Dessert wine - one of my many versions

Elderflower wine - a delightful and fragent wine

Sparkling elderflower champagne - turn the elderflower wine into fizzy drink - the super simple recipe!

Gorse wine recipe - a lot of pain but a nice wine!

Mead - wonderful honey wine!

Pear wine - pears contain some lovely tannins and make a great white table wine

Rasberry and cranberry - this is what supermarket fruit juice was made for.

A powerful red dessert wine

Gooseberry wine and sparkling wine recipies

Sage makes this brilliant wine for cooking mushrooms

Another great dessert wine - from a modified wine kit

Strawberry wine with added gooseberries.

Sultana dessert wine

Nettle wine recipe

Use free apples to make a fine dry table wine

Sloe Gin

Sloe wine

Fig Wine

Grapefruit Wine Recipe

Prune Wine

Date Wine

Dried Bilberry Wine Recipe

Orange wine recipe

Horrible Coffee Wine Recipe (Don't do it!! Its yucky!)

Banana blending wine recipe

Birch Sap Wine Recipe