Other suitable things for winemaking

As I have said, wine can be made from more or less anything, provided it doesn't kill you. The following is a list of things that don't fit into other catagories.

  • Coffee. Sounds odd, but it can be quite nice. Weak works better but either instant or real can be used. DON'T make it too sweet. (bleaugh!)
  • Tea. Use ordinary tea, or try the infinite varieties of flavoured teas. Dont use too much of these. The resulting wine can become too fruity. There is a danger too that it will end up smelling like a sewer (bleaugh!)
  • Parsley. Fresh or dried.
  • Coriander. Get bundles of it from Indian food shops.
  • Oak Leaves Or Walnut leaves.
  • Nettle. Unusual to say the least.
  • Pea pod Curiouser and curiouser said Alice.
  • Grain includes wheat, barley, rye and rice. Often added to other wines to add body.
  • Tulip bulbs Alledgedly contains opium, but don't quote me.

Strange combinations can make suprisingly nice wines. I have heard that Elderberry and pea pod is a particularly good homemade wine, but for some reason or other, I've not tried it. Other leaves such as bramble shoots, walnut leaves and even grape vine leaves can be used. Try the herb and spice cupboard - Rosemary wine, sage wine, or even saffron wine are all worth a try.