Prepare to Ferment

You are now faced with a bucket of foul-looking gunk. This has to be transformed into a state where yeast will survive. This involves giving the yeast something to chew on.

These are the stages.

  • Add some sugar. The required amount is outlined in the link.
  • Add tannin. This comes as tablets or liquid. Follow the packet instructions.
  • It is sometimes advisable to add some pectic enzyme. This gets rid of haze induced by pectin. Avalible as a powder or liquid. Follow the packet instructions.
  • Add some yeast nutrient. This will encourage fast fermentation. Usually powdwered, add a couple of teaspoons.
  • Add acid. The link provides advice.
  • When must is cool add the yeast. This is a fun topic, see the link for more.
  • At this point give everything a good stir and give yourself a well deserved taste. It will be rather sweet.
  • Now leave the bucket somewhere warmish (+15degC) to let the fermentation take hold. Leaving it like this for a few days is advisable.
  • When the initial vigour of the fermentation as subsided, ie a few days, strain the fermenting must into a demijohn, insert an airlock watch.

Now move onto the next stage.