Suitable flowers for winemaking

Flowers are very popular raw material, but are an effort to pick in enough quantity. It is common to need as much as half a bucket of flowers for a gallon of wine, so it is not surprising that dried flowers. seem a more practical choice.

The other annoying thing about flowers is that they have a nasty habit of being poisonous. Always check first. The list is long, and includes notables such as daffodil, rhododendron and bluebell.

Below is a list of possibilities. For bizarre and archaic reasons, petal quantities are measured in pints.

  • Dandelion. Traditionally picked on St Georges Day. For a few weeks you can just keep picking them and they will keep growing back.
  • Elderflower. Classic homebrew flower. Makes excellent pseudo-champagne. Pick it in late may/early june. 3/4 pint.
  • Gorse. Bright yellow things that live on prickly bushes. Avalible april onward. Use gloves to pick.
  • Pansy. 3pints. Steal from gardens!
  • Primrose. May season. Very yellow.
  • Roses. Again, try gardens.

    Please take care to neither poison yourself, or rape the neighbours' gardens!

    Have any of these beautiful and fresh flowers delivered to someone you care about or to your home.