Sake Recipe

Recipe that was posted to rec.crafts.winemaking.

2.5 lbs rice

.5 pt grape concentr. or 1 lb light raisins

7 pts water

2.5 lbs sugar or honey

3 tsp acid blend

3/4 tsp energizer

1 Campden, crush

1 pkg Sherry yeast

Use husked or raw rice. Wash and coarse crush rice. Place rice and chopped raisins in nylon straining bag, tie top, and place in primary. Pour hot water over and stir in all other ingredients EXCEPT yeast and energizer. Cover. After 48 hrs, add yeast and energizer. Cover primary. Stir daily, check SG and press pulp lightly. When ferment reaches SG 1.050 (2-3 days) add another 1/4 lb dissolved sugar /gallon. At SG 1.030 (6-7 days) dtrain juice from bag. Syphon wine off sediment into glass secondary and attach airlock. At SG 1.020 add another 1/4 lb dissolved sugar/gall. When ferment is complete (SG 1.000 or less) syphon off sediment into clean secondary and reattach airlock. Syphon every 2 months to aid clearing.

Optional: You may continue to build up alcohol by adding additional doses of sugar until ferment ceases. To sweeten, add before bottling: 1/2 tsp stabilizer and 1/4 lb dissolved sugar/gallon.

I have never tried this recipe, but I had good result with Massaccesi's other recipes. Good luck. Giovanni.