Tom's recipe / method of making Sake

I have been reading around a bit, and have decided to have a go at making some sake. Naturally I won't be following anybody's recipe, but making it up as I go along in the time honoured fashion.

I have ignored he concept of the'koji rice', because it is probably unobtainable for the average person, so we will do without that.

The first thing that I did was to take a couple of pounds of household rice, and cook it. I cooked it very slowly, and for over half an hour.

This resultant brew was put in a bucket and left to cool.

I then decided that it would at this stage be full of starch. This is not a cool thing for us winemakers to have in our brews, so I bunged in some starch enzyme and left the whole thing for a day.

And that is all so far.